October 1, 2010–St. Joseph, LA

I find the activities on the river my first day back from a day in town to always bear a greater burden on my body and psyche than usual, and today was no exception.  My paddle drive seems to be working perfectly.  The cold front continues to operate, making pleasant mid-80s temps in the day and strong winds at my back.  Very little of note today.  A new species of tree seems to be asserting itself along the shore, which I have yet to identify.

As I left town I was passed by a tour boat full of school children who had obviously been informed of my travels by the captain, for they all lined the deck and cheered me on, which warmed my heart.  I have found a most eligible campsite for the night, with a soft sandy embankment and a stand of willow and sycamore in which to hang my hammock and find some shelter from the wind.  It is anticipated to dip into the 40s tonight—a temperature I have not encountered since the first week of this expedition.

Day 58:  40 Mi.

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