September 9, 2010–Osceola, AR

Very freshened by last night’s shower and bed.  The river has now become incredibly serpentine.  I scarcely traveled two miles in the same direction.  It rained for several hours in the morning, but it was a warm rain and with little wind.  I find the wind more than any other element to be my foe.  It was blessedly mild today and I am grateful.

Had lunch on a sandbar opposite some kind of steel plant, where large volumes of rusted metal were unloaded by a large mechanical claw from barge to dump truck.  The noise was thunderous and the sight oddly inhuman.  It caused me to spend some time reflecting on the massive changes I have witnessed in this mighty torrent of water, from humble, pure creek to the seething polluted expanse now before me.  My mind is scarcely able to maintain continuity from there to here, but for having witnessed it.  I now pay little heed to the constant barge traffic, the refuse accumulated on the banks, the towering industrial complexes every few miles.  I expect these features to only become more prominent as I enter Louisiana.

I am camped not far from Osceola, Arkansas.  The first time I have ever set foot in this state.  The wind has picked up fiercely, and I hope the thunderstorms will not begin until dinner is eaten and I am safely ensconced in my hammock.


Day 48:  62 Mi.


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