September 7, 2010–New Madrid, MO

The excellent conditions of the past few days have spoiled me, for today would have been considered average by upper Mississippi standards.  It was very windy, 15-25 mph, all day long and naturally from the south.  This created much turbulence in the water.  It was overcast and rained on me throughout the afternoon and evening.  I had anticipated an increase in the river’s velocity, with the additional flow from the Ohio River, but curiously this was not the case.  In fact, my pace seems to have slowed to 5-6 mph.  These unpleasant conditions and reduced rate of travel brought a subdued spirit to today’s progress.

I pushed hard all day to make New Madrid, in hopes of treating myself to a big, hot dinner and possibly even a room for the night, as today is my birthday.  However, my exertions were in vain as New Madrid is too small a community to provide such comforts to a river traveler.  I contented myself that there was a break in the rain sufficient to make camp before the rains resumed.  I heated a can of chili under my shelter and am now safely in my hammock out of the weather.

Crickets, frogs, and splashing fish make for a constant and pleasant lullaby.

Day 46:  65 Mi.


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