June 16, 2010–Delabar State Park

Arose early and made 10 miles before the heat of the day struck.  It was still, clear, and hot and I want for the memory of the last day I was free of rain! What a treat!

I find that the bluffs, with their exposed glimpses of rugged rock, are now completely absent and the river is bounded by dense hardwoods and nothing in sight beyond.  There was but little development along the river today, a pleasant change and yet eventually lending itself to boredom, as visual diversions were lacking.

New Boston Granary

Stopped for lunch in New Boston, where a large silo or granary was depositing volumes of corn into an awaiting barge.  This town, the oldest in the county, has the principle distinction of having been surveyed by the young Abraham Lincoln.  A charming and charismatic gentleman named Lloyd gave me a ride up the hill to the local tavern and informed me of some of the history.  Fortified on potatoes au gratin with ham, I set out again under the blue skies feeling most fine.

Day 33: 32 Mi., 1 Lock


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