June 10, 2010–Savanna, IL

Very dismayed to discover my wool blanket was quite damp last night.  The temps are warming, however, and I won’t have need of such a cumbersome item much longer, I suspect.  Several tows passed as I ate my dinner in the dark, and they make use of an incredibly powerful search light in the cockpit, which sweeps the riverbanks and must reach for nearly a mile.

On the river today I passed what appeared to be a dormant ski resort, though it seemed scarcely 500 ft.  tall.  I suppose that is the most vertical descent one could hope for in these parts.  The banks of the river are so lush and green, it makes for a continual pleasant view.

I reached the small town of Savanna, which seems to have a tavern in every other storefront, around 1 pm.  I will remain here for a full day, staying two nights, so I might make use of the library’s resources.  I hope to gather sufficient information to make a confident choice of either remaining on the Mississippi River or heading up the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers to the TN/Tombigbee Waterway, and thence to the Alabama River on to Mobile.

Day 27:  24 Mi.  1 Lock.


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