June 11, 2010–Savanna, IL

Took the opportunity today to spread out my sodden gear to dry: blanket, rainfly, clothes, maps, etc.  Though it threatened rain all day, it thankfully never materialized.

A visit to the library yielded the contact information for numerous marinas along the Tennessee river; also the Army Corps of Engineers and Tennessee Valley Authority contacts for the region.  It took an inordinate amount of phone calls, for oddly enough no government agency could give me the slightest idea of the current speed for this river.  Of the 10 or so marinas I contacted, I received answers ranging from “No current” to “3-4 mph.” I find this odd, but can only assume it varies with the width of the river.  In any case, as this section is over 200 miles in length, I find it to be impractical to consider an attempt to paddle upstream.  Heading up the Ohio River would present an even more challenging current, but as it was for only 50 miles, I was willing to consider it.  Thus, I will remain faithful to the original aims of the expedition and continue on the Mississippi to the Gulf.  Remained in camp, resting, for the remainder of the day.

Day 28:  0 Mi.


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