June 7, 2010–Pike Peak State Park

The river itself is quite wide now, at times nearly 2 miles.  However, narrow islands tend to line the channel such that I frequently am unaware of the vast size of the river, but for my maps.

I awoke before 6 am and made ready quickly, but such a dense fog lingered on the river that I was obliged to delay departure, for visibility was less than 50 yards.  I waited until 7, in time for the local market to open so that I might have some small snack, and then made my way.  It was cool and overcast until 9 or so, by which time I had crossed from Minnesota to Iowa, and I stopped in Lansing for a hearty breakfast–my first hot meal since the night before last.  For the rest of the day, the sun beat down with intensity and my skin is now baked red.  The barges pass with greater frequency and despite the warnings I have received, I find their bow wakes and engine turbulence to be negligible.  I believe these warnings were given under the assumption that I travel by canoe, where as my kayak is most well-suited to turbulent waters and is unaffected by waves.  Pine or fir are now almost completely absent from the shores.

Day 24: 37.5 Mi.  1 Lock.


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