June 21, 2010–Grafton, IL

Was awakened after three hours of sleep, around 2 am, and compelled to move my tent to slightly higher ground.  No rain fallen, but it obviously had some effect upstream of me.  As soon as it was light enough, around 4:30, I rose and hastily made my way out on the river.

Generally uneventful day, not passing any real townships or points of interest.  I am very glad to have brought a VHF radio on this expedition, as it greatly facilitates communication with the Lockmaster.  I have found, with proper notice, they are most accommodating in allowing me to slip through in between barges.  I was so thrilled to encounter these locks initially, as it meant the end of my tedious portages.  However, I now find the delays they often create to be a frustration and I look forward to their coming to an end.

Have seen a few deer lately—the only substantial creatures, save birds, in some time.  The temp was well into the upper 90s today, and with no shade and not a breath of breeze, was quite unbearable.  It was only by continually splashing river water upon my skin that I was able to continue.  Arrived in Grafton just as the heat was peaking, and laundered my tainted articles.  I now must wait to see if the vile poison ivy has infected me.

DAY 38:  47 mi.  1 Lock

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