June 2, 2010–Diamond Bluff, WI

A healthy current has helped me along the river at nearly 6 mph.  The restoration of my drive to its full capability has improved my progress immensely.  I now glide smoothly across the surface with little disturbance and vastly less effort.  The river south of St. Paul is predominated by the trappings of industry: railroads, barges, power plants, etc.  I now have the red and green buoys placed by the Corps of Engineers to indicate the channel and have no further concerns for low water or obstructions.

After some miles the industrial landscape gave way to empty wooded banks, many with sandy shores that will make for excellent camps.  Stopped briefly in Hastings for refreshment and continued to Diamond Bluff.  The St. Croix River joins from the east and I now travel the boundary of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Rendezvoused with my mother in Diamond Bluff; she has traveled from OR, via CA, UT, SD, etc., to MN on an expedition of her own, and we will now head south along the river together, making camp together whenever practical.  Weather perfect: overcast, cool, minimal breeze.

Day 19: 45 Mi.  1 Lock.


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