May 24, 2010–Palisade, MN

Weather generally fair today.  It became quite hot in the afternoon and any exposed skin is now red.  Faced down numerous 20-30 mph gusts along the way, which often sent down cascades of whirling maple seeds.  During moments of calm I was treated to a different aerial display—that of prodigious swarms of dragonflies overhead.  If these creatures consume mosquitoes then I am more than happy to travel with them.

The mosquitoes were exceedingly troublesome last night and even worse this morning, compelling me to forego my breakfast in favor of a speedy entry into the water.  Was made to break camp covered head to toe, including a net for my face, which despite the heat allowed me some respite from their advances.  Have yet to devise a solution to the noseeums, which leave my feet and ankles in a continual state of red bumpy discomfort.  When possible, I hope to obtain some light cotton socks that may deter them.

Day 10: 36 miles


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