May 29, 2010–Goodin Island

Departed camp early to make the most of favorable conditions, which I had the bulk of the day.  The river is wide and generally deep, however when it is divided by islands it becomes shallow with many riffles, thus I find most of my attention placed on the river bottom.  Having already severely damaged my drive I am anxious to avoid any further trouble.

Stopped in Monticello for an excellent lunch, including pie! Intended to continue only two more miles, but found the weather and current so agreeable that I was obliged to continue another 12.  I am now feeling quite fine as St. Paul lies less than 30 miles down river, so I have but little travel left until I may re-supply and seek repairs.  My river companions, K & S, have arranged lodging for us with a friend in town, where we might have baths and launder our clothing, which is much in want of it.

Day 15:  45 miles


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